The School Improvement Offer

The school improvement offer is based on face to face visits in schools with bespoke activities undertaken by the adviser, directed in advance by the school. A standard visit is of 7 hours duraction, it includes the pre visit preparation time and time to undertake a written note of visit or other agreed documentation. Typically, an adviser will be on the premises for a minimum of half a day.

The cost of each full visit is £500 + VAT.

Where the work of the adviser, including preparation, travel and time in school (or remote communication) can be done in half a day or less then the charge will be at half day rate.

The cost of each half day (or remote) visit is £350 + VAT.

Schools may commit to any number of visits throughout the year with no minimum or maximum number.

Where schools commit in advance to two or more visits then additional email and telephone advice is available between visits. This is designed to give schools maximum flexibility in their purchase of school improvement support and advice and to ensure that support is available at the time of need.

Schools will be allocated a named adviser from the team. Where schools have an existing relationship with an adviser who is part of the team, they will retain that adviser, except by mutual agreement.

For certain bespoke support activities an adviser, who is considered to be an expert in the field, may provide the service on behalf of the school's adviser, again by mutual consent.

Schools will be invoiced within 5 working days of each visit and payment is due within 28 days of the invoice date. Bank details will be provided for direct payments.

Advisers will not require access to pupil data off site (although this may be interrogated on site). Nationally available school performance data will be accessed to understand aspects of the school's performance. Any data held will only be for the specific purposes of providing high quality bespoke support and advice.

Advisers will hold a current DBS Enhanced Certificate. The certificate number will be made available to schools on request. Athena Education Ltd is covered for public liability and professional indemnity and is VAT registered, policy details are available on request. 

Athena Education guarantees the quality of its work. If any complaint about standards of service is upheld, then there will be no charge levied for that service or activity.

We are aware there are other providers of school improvement services and that schools have a choice. We therefore aspire to be the best available and welcome any feedback from our clients.


  • Headteacher Appointments
  • Headteacher Appraisal
  • Senior Leadership Recruitment
  • Annual Performance Review


  • Inspection Preparation
  • Support during and after Inspection
  • Engagement with Inspection Team

Supported Self Review

  • Supported Self-Evaluation
  • Data Analysis and Review
  • Teaching and Learning Audit
  • Pupil Premium Review


  • Curriculum Development
  • Subject Leader Support and Advice
  • Subject Audit and Review

School Leadership

  • School Leadership and Management Audit
  • School Improvement Planning
  • Recruitment and Retention Support
  • Pay Progression
  • NQT Support
  • Staffing Issues

Professional Development

  • School-based Inset sessions
  • Staff meetings
  • 'Spotlight' and 'Spotlight Teams' performance profiling analysis
  • Access to experienced and knowledgeable advisers for training etc.

Headteacher Appointments

  • Support for Governors with the drafting of the job description, person specification and advert
  • Advice on shortlisting candidate
  • Preparation for interviews including suggested format and questions
  • Attendance and professional advice on candidate suitability
  • Post appointment feedback to candidates

Headteacher Appraisal

  • Preparation for the Annual Appraisal Review meeting based on national information on the school and documents supplied by the school.
  • Attending the Annual Appraisal Review and meeting with Governor Appraisers and Headteacher.
  • Writing a draft Annual Appraisal Report for the Governor Appraisers and Headteacher

Senior Leadership Appointments

  • Support for Headteacher and Governors for appointment of Deputy/Senior Staff
  • Advice on shortlisting candidate
  • Preparation for interviews including suggested format and questions
  • Attendance and professional advice on candidate suitability
  • Post appointment feedback to candidates

Annual Performance Review

  • Independent professional judgement of school performance for governors and to support school’s own self-evaluation process

School Leadership and Management Audit

  • In-school and desktop review of school leadership and management and the impact on school performance
  • Face to face interviews with senior staff
  • Recommended post audit actions

School improvement planning support

  • Review and impact assessment of current or most recent school improvement plan
  • Suggested format for planning document
  • Review of identified priorities based on current school performance
  • Review of success criteria and use of milestones
  • Support for subject and aspect leaders and their contribution to the plan

Recruitment and retention

  • Support for recruitment of teaching and support staff (whole or part process)
  • Advice on retention and performance management of support staff

Pay Progression

  • Advice on teachers’ pay progression including progress through the Upper Pay Scale
  • Advice of teachers’ performance reviews

NQT /RQT Support

  • Advice to the school on management and support programme for NQTs and RQTs
  • Review of NQT progress

Staffing Issues

  • Support for the Headteacher in addressing professional capability issues
  • School staffing policy and practice review

Inspection Preparation

  • Review of school performance identifying strengths and areas for improvement
  • Support in the writing of a school self-evaluation document
  • Preparation for SIAMS inspections including Church School Distinctiveness

Support During and After Inspection

  • Support for school leaders by telephone call
  • Access to the group’s knowledge base
  • Support for schools during a Section 8 or Section 5 inspection by meeting with (or telephone call to) the lead inspector or HMI at the lead inspector’s discretion
  • Post inspection response and improvement planning

Supported Self-Evaluation

  • The development of effective self-evaluation processes and procedures
  • School development review, including an audit of teaching and learning
  • A whole school review in response to changing national frameworks and expectations
  • School website compliance audit

Audit of Teaching and Learning Quality

  • Paired monitoring and evaluation of teaching through observations of lessons, learning walks and scrutiny of pupils' work
  • Review of Pupil Premium use and impact

Data analysis

  • Support with analysis of end of year and in-year data.

Curriculum Development

  • Subject and aspect audits e.g. Early Years, SEND
  • Support to subject leaders in the principles of the Inspection Framework including aspects of ‘Deep Dive’
  • Interviews with subject and aspect leaders

Professional Development

  • Supporting a wide range of professional development opportunities and training for staff and governors, e.g. newly appointed middle leaders, subject leadership and data analysis.
  • Access to the range of expertise from colleagues who could be brokered in to provide additional expertise


  • Spotlight is a personality profiling tool developed by Mindflick working with elite athletes.
  • The profile explores ‘behavioural style’ and ‘mindset’ to better understand how people work together. This, together with ‘Spotlight Teams’, a team performance tool is used by sport organisations, the food industry, financial and education sectors.